The Swamp Runner ATV Club started in March 2003. The Club started with 95 members. The trails were groomed with a 2003 Bombardier ATV which was sold in 2004 to buy a groomer in August 2004.

The Swamp Runner camp was build in 2006 as well as the Acadieville shelter and the Pleasant Ridge Shelter.


During the winter, the members have more than 125 kilometres of trails to ride on.

During the summer, members have hundreds of kilometres of trails to ride on.


To become a member, a person must pay a membership fee of 96,00$ plus tax for a 4 seasons pass. This membership allows members to use the trails and the installations that belong to the Club. Also, the person becomes member of the New Brunswick ATV Federation. This gives the member the privilege to use the ATV trails throughout New Brunswick. The 4 seasons passes are available at Shell in Rogersville and Services NB.

The non members who want to use the trails can buy a day pass for $15.00 or a weekly pass for 25,00$ at Esso or Shell.




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