The Club meetings are held every first Monday of the month from September through May. The annual meeting is held in March. The 2015 annual meeting will be held on March 19th at 7pm at the Old age club.


The fundraising lottery (50/50 Pool) started in September 2006. The draw takes place every first Monday of each month. The fee to participate is 5,00$ per month and can be paid at the Club 126 in Rogersville. It can be paid in advance.


Fundraising Activities

The fundraising activities « Fun Run » are taking place about three times a year. The amount to participate is 10,00$. Lots of nice prizes to be won. Two of those “Fun Run” are the around the long weekend of May and the long weekend of October.


Every autumn, the club organise a fundraising activity for the Tree of Hope.



Insurance less expensive through the ATV Federation. Here is a link for you to check. http:/ 




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